But thank God! He gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Corinthians 15:57, NLT.

This coming weekend, we celebrate Easter, the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. So much happened at Calvary’s cross over two thousand years ago; but ultimately, Jesus overcame sin and death so that we could have abundant life. Because of Jesus, we have victory over anything that would try to hold us back!

No matter what bondage, fear, stronghold, sin or addiction has held you captive in the past, when you receive Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, you receive His power—His burden-moving, yoke-destroying anointing. Nothing can hold you back any longer because when the Son sets you free, you are free indeed! (See John 8:36)

It all begins by believing and receiving this promise by faith. Today, thank God that you are free and have victory through Jesus Christ!

Father, thank You for giving me victory! Thank You for Your Word which is life and healing water to my soul. I choose to set my heart and thoughts on You, knowing that You are empowering me to overcome in every area of my life n Jesus’ name! Amen.

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idonotunderstand asked: Hi. I'm sorry if I'm bothering you, but this has kind of been on my mind lately. Is it alright to be a Catholic and a witch? My mother said it was fine, but I've just been a little curious since the bible says that witches will go to hell and all that jazz.



I try not to speak for the Catholic church. They’re still upset about the time I stole a priest. (I did try to return him, eventually.)

According to the local priests, as long as I do everything in God’s name and with His will while avoiding demons and the dead, it is fine.

-cheers happily- All the witchcraft. Priests are cool dudes.

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My grammar is always bad, but drinking wine makes it worse.


31 Days of Witchcraft : Days 5 and 6

What, in your opinion, are some things in Christianity that blend the easiest with Witchcraft? 

I find Catholicism is very easy to blend with witchcraft. Witchcraft is a practice not a faith, so I think it’s rather easy to blend witchcraft with any religion. My Grandmother has a shrine to the saints and Mary in her house and she doesn’t practice witchcraft. I have a shrine to Uriel and Mary and I do, practice witchcraft. Certain verses in the bible lend very well to spells. And the only way I ever successful astral project is by praying the rosary.

Are you Solitary or do you have a group you work with?

I am solitary meaning I don’t have a coven. But I do have what I like to call my family coven made up of my girlfriend, the family friend, and me. We get together to do bigger spells or celebrate holidays. I’m lucky because I know a lot of witches on here who don’t get to share their practices with other people in real life.


Blood Moon.

Doing witchy spells during the blood moon with my little family coven. Tis nice. Just buzzing with energy now.




Wicca / 13 goals for a witch on We Heart It

why must my fluffy stage still appear to me. Is this you God..is this you reminding me to be kind to fluffies.

I actually printed this off and put it in my BOS when I first started out and was super fluffy. -laughing- I tore it out about a month or so later. Cannot believe you’re the one who wrote it, I see it everywhere.

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Anonymous asked: Rockofeye is another example of a white person using the cultures of POC and attempting to control the conversation of said cultures. They are involved with hoodoo along with The Piety Posse, who all took it up at the same time under the tutelage of another white person trying to control the direction of POC's cultures (Cat Yronwode)






Who the fuck is The Piety Posse? Are the same ones Nono blogs about? I mean I’ve also used the term in reference to my friends and I but I think that’s just the Otherkin Elite doing that…

*rolls around in confusion*

The Piety Posse is Sannion, Galina Krasskova, and their cronies, when I’ve blogged about them  I am not the above anon fwiw; I don’t know Rockofeye personally so I can’t say what’s going on with that particular individual.

I question the motives of anyone who’s too close to the Piety Posse, tbh.

I do too but I don’t know who Rockofeye is and if they associate with the Piety Posse or not.  I know who some of their cronies are but not all of them.

I am so out of the loop

I’m very much out of the loop too.  -lays down on floor- I’m going to pretend Piety Posse is a punk rock band.

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31 days of Christian Witchcraft : Day 4

What general rules do you have for your practice?

1- Forgive people. Sometimes it’s a hard rule to follow, but generally it only takes me a little time to forgive someone. As long as they’ve only hurt me and haven’t hurt someone I love.

2- Be humble. Pride is a trait I try to avoid. I’m a brat when I’m being prideful.

3- God highest. But it’s okay to worship and work with other deities as long as God is held highest. I actually tend to view other deities as having lower or equal to the same power as the angels, so… yeah. God is the greatest to me.  Therefore he’ll always have that number 1 spot.

4- Be kind.

5- Love.

6- Don’t judge others. This one I can be bad at, but I do try.

7- Never work with the fucking fae.